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I promise to come back here and talk about silly list things and include more pictures of cats but in the meantime I’m blogging about more general stuff over at www.joannawalters.co.uk

At the mo it is largely academic digital marketing stuff related to my course but who knows what else I might end up including (presumably cats will find their way in…)

Jo x


I’m 26


Yep, my year of being 25 is over and nope I haven’t done everything on my list. I’ve done lots that I haven’t blogged about so will post those over the next few months.

I’m going to keep going as I’d like to do everything on my list but for now I’ll leave you with a picture of me on the dodgems on my birthday (it seemed like a list kind of thing to do!)

Jo x

Birthday fun

Big Daddy Marcelle, a student from my work, decided to give me a rather random assortment of list things starting, for some unknown reason, with watching the Adam Sandler classic/cheesefest ‘Big Daddy‘. Ever a fan of list things I can do from my sofa I duly complied.

IMDb summarises the plot thus…

A lazy law school grad adopts a kid to impress his girlfriend, but everything doesn’t go as planned and he becomes the unlikely foster father

I don’t want to spoil the film for those of you who haven’t seen it but after some ‘crazy’ japes and a couple of predictable heartfelt moments the film descends into mediocrity.

I actually spent the first half an hour of the film trying to remember if I’d already seen it or whether it was such a good example of the lightweight comedy films by number that I seem to watch so often (and usually love to be fair) that I’d got it confused with something else. Eventually I decided I had already seen it which further ruined any hopes of suprise plot twists or clever subtexts.

I’m being quite harsh really, it is a perfectly fine film and has a cute kid in it (the one that played Ben in Friends) which always improves a film tenfold for me! Worth watching if there is nothing else on and you’re an Adam Sandler fan (which I tend not to be unfortunately, I’ve never forgiven him for 50 First Dates).

Jo x

I love this blog – Not That Kind of Girl – proof that I am not the only person in the world oddly obsessed with doing 250 unusual things in a year then telling everyone about it.

Go read it, I dare you

Jo x

This is another suggestion from my brother who managed to come up with a mix of thoughtful and bizzare things for my list.

I feel I should confess loyal reader, my name is Jo and I am a hoarder. Over the years I’ve built up collections of soaps, novelty pens, pebbles from holidays and all sorts of random junk. Recently I’ve started getting rid of some of the more obviously pointless things (often by fobbing them off onto other people – special thanks must go to my Mum and friend Em who are too polite to tell me they don’t want the random bags of things I’ve offered them).

Over the past year my decluttering has stepped up a gear and this week I took lots of bags of things to Oxfam, my favourite charity shop. My new passion for getting rid of things comes partly from reading blogs such as Unclutterer.com but also from realising how much junk I’ve been hanging onto for years. As I’ve lived in my flat for several years now I’ve been spared the shame of coming face to face with my stuff whilst piling it into boxes (and then inevitably watching my Dad roll his eyes at just how many pairs of fairy wings and cute but empty gift boxes I’ve managed to accumulate).

For my Big Clear Out (things look far more impressive in capital letters, then they feel like a Project – I’m a fan of Projects) my rules were;

  • Will I ever use/wear/want it?
  • Seriously?!
  • If I’m certain I’ll use/wear/want it then why haven’t I done it for ages? This has involved some questionable outfit choices as I try to justify keeping some of the clothes I never seem to wear
  • How much would it cost me to buy a new one? My big weakness is ‘I might use it one day’ which, whilst thrifty and eco-friendly, means I have countless extra things lying around and gathering dust

My big pile of charity shop things adorned my hallway (replace the word ‘adorned’ with ‘cluttered up and made it look like a jumble sale’) for a year and was a good reminder that I should be looking for things to get rid of as well as a more general reminder not to pick up more junk to lovingly cherish (by stuffing into a drawer and ignoring it for years). As well as the charity shop stuff there was an awful lot of recycling (where possible) and chucking out (where not) so I’ve generated lots of nice empty space – and I plan to keep it that way!

Charity shop pile

All in all, I’ve taken one big box and five big bags of stuff to be turned into money by Oxfam and become someone else’s junk! Oxfam, like many other charity shops, have introduced a ‘Tag Your Bag’ Gift Aid scheme that means they can reclaim money from the taxman (wouldn’t we all like to do that?!) so my stuff is worth an extra 28% to them.They’ll also be writing to me at some point to let me know how much my hoard has made for them, I plan to add this total to the £250 I’m raising for charity this year.

I was tempted to include a note pointing out that the stuff is mine so will a) be worth extra anyway as I am basically a celebrity, and b) be worth more when this blog becomes a bestselling book then film. In the end I decided not to so I didn’t look like a moron (I was already quite embarrassed by some of the random stuff I was donating and didn’t want them to judge me anymore than was necessary!)

Being a hoarder for ages I didn’t think I’d find uncluttering so easy and oddly enjoyable. I’d encourage you to have a rummage through your random stuff – much better it is making money for charity than lounging around taking up space in your house right?

Jo x

I’ve always travelled to work on the bus. I like it, it gives me time to stare out of the window, snoop into people’s houses through their windows and think about important things like ‘which would win in a fight – 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck’ (my money’s on the swarm of evil mini horses). Not being a morning person, being able to wander to a bus stop, get on a bus and get to work without having to be awake enough to drive a car or get through a train ticket barrier (they scare me enough when I’m properly awake!) is best for me (and probably the rest of the world too).

I could get the train (quicker but far too confusing at that time in the morning) or walk (yeah right, I’d fall asleep in someone’s front garden) but those both seem a little bit too sensible for the challenge. When I was invited to a meeting in London to talk about a ground-breaking technological feat (an iPhone taped to a climbing helmet) I thought this was the perfect alternate way to get to work – via a three hour round-trip to London.

So there you have it, I supplemented my normal 20 minute bus ride with 3 hours of trains/tube/walking. Fun as it was I think I’ll skip the detour in future. I’ll leave you with some pics from my adventure…

London Victoria

Ravenscourt Park tube station

AGM cam

Jo x

I am well known amongst my friends for my excellent taste in music, specialising particularly in late 90’s boybands. My friends pretend to tease me about owning albums by classic bands such as Busted and McFly when I know that really they are just jealous. Michael’s suggestion that I destroy my McFly collection is then, surely, a test of my dedication to the list rather than a dig at my taste in music. Surely.

Broken Busted CD

The damage...

My friend Adam is a big fan of McFly and Busted too (he’ll tell you he hates them but it’s just a front) so I was quite suprised that he suggested we attempt this particular list thing on our day of many list things. Maybe he is just a sadist.

Anyway, it turns out that I’d passed on my McFly CDs (see, I know people that will gladly take them off my hands, I’m not the only one!) so we turned to their musical predecessors, Busted. After getting over my ‘hate to just trash it when I could pass it on or give it to charity’ middle-class eco-guilt we turned to the task of destroying the CD which turned out to be harder than we thought. We’d expected shards of CD flying across the room as I gingerly stamped on it but in the end it took some serious bending and jumping on it to bend it in half then sheer brute strength to rip the disc in half. The case was much more flimsy and even I could rip the liner notes into pieces. You can see the fruits of our labour above.

Another list thing done. Woop woop

Jo x

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