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I’m starting to get into my stride with list things and have started making plans for some things and ignoring some of them and hoping they’ll go away! I figured I should get cracking on some of the year-long challenges (rather than fail by default!) so I spent last Sunday wrestling with the Sunday papers and buying a houseplant.


Roger came up with some gems for the list including enrolling on a course (138) which I did today hurrah! Today I formally enrolled onto my part-time MBA.

Her suggestion to learn to recognise five native birds or trees (149) was a perfect suggestion as it’s something I’d love to do but that wouldn’t have occured to me (god bless the list!). Here in central Brighton the bird-watching opportunities are limited to seagulls or pigeons or seagulls of pigeons so I might have to get out and about to test my skills.

Do a sky dive


God bless you Rebecca, we’ve been great friends since you got shut in the kitchen at Guides because you wouldn’t stop talking. Nearly 15 years later and you still haven’t stopped talking but oh my goodness do you not know me at all?! Sky dive?! I can’t even watch people on tv jumping out of […]

The suggestion that I learn a constant to at least 25 decimal places is going to be an interesting one. On one hand I love maths and have a freaky ability to remember miscellaneous numbers and useless bits of information, on the other however I’m hopeless at remembering anything useful or remembering things on purpose.

Some of the usual suspects (Em, Charlie, Carolyn & Kelvin) and I were having a typically glamorous and exciting evening (i.e. heckling trashy tv and talking rubbish about nothing in particular) when we started trying to decide what to eat. We leafed through various takeaway menus and compared notes on great little places we knew…

I’m going to have to crack on with the list this weekend if I’m going to even get close to 250 things so I thought I’d do a bit of research…