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I currently live in a city which, though very beautiful, isn’t the greenest of places. I see most of my ‘nature’ from the bus on the way to work and from the window of my desk which overlooks a park. As autumn has descended I’ve been looking wistfully over at the orange trees and feeling a childish desire to kick through leaves.


I currently have regular donations set up for a few charities; Oxfam, the NSPCC, Friends of the Earth, Cancer Research UK, Shelter and Amnesty International. My little collection has been built up over the last few years as different campaigns and issues have become important to me. I wanted to expand my collection and get involved in another charity.

Pretty much every time I tell someone about my silly challenge they look at me like I’m weird then say ‘oh, thats roughly one a day’. So far however, I’m six weeks in but I’ve only finished six things. Because I’m a super maths fan I have made a graph to illustrate how far behind schedule I am so far eek!

One of the things I’ve noticed since coming up with my silly list challenge is that I think about things in a ‘list-y’ sort of way.

For instance, today I went shopping for a few bits and pieces and rather than just going into the shops I always go to and looking at the sort of things I always look at I realised I was considering things I would’ve ignored before.

I added this to my list because my room was looking a bit sorry for itself and in need of a bit of tarting up. I’ve moved a lot of stuff round and had a big clear out so I thought it was time to make my room a bit more girly and a bit more ‘me’ again.

So, I accidentally did a list thing last week without realising! I was adding the latest batch of suggestions (thank you Marcelle, Sarah & Molly) to my list (during which I realised I’d lost the ability to count and duplicated a load of numbers oops!) and I spotted ‘see a film in 3D’ which I did last week hurrah!

This suggestion, lovingly made by Michael (more commonly known as The Ginge), is related to my work. Part of my job involves collating and advising on funding applications for student societies. Over the years we’ve had a few slightly random or overly-ambitious requests so I have to tactfully make suggestions, explain why we can’t fund […]