Week 7 – done done done


Well hello there list fans how are you today? It’s been a busy week in my little world and I managed to add three more things to the ‘done‘ list (about ruddy time too!)

My flurry of National Trust things (here and here) got some attention from their lovely twitter peeps who spread the word about a couple of my posts which in turn led to other people noticing and saying lovely things about my blog and silly challenge. For two days I felt like a celebrity (I kept telling people I’d ‘gone viral‘ – I think they just thought I had swine flu or something!) and I had lots of visits to my blog so I was dead chuffed. If you are one of those people thank you for coming over for a snoop around.

Alternatively, if you are one of the suprisingly large number of people that stumble across my blog by googling a variant of ‘change bathroom heater fuse‘ I’m sorry if all you found is my blow-by-blow account of nearly electrocuting myself. Please note that (contrary to the impression I may give off!) I am not a qualified electrician and I don’t recommend you follow my (obviously very comprehensive) instructions.

Getting there

Getting there...

Seeing as my friend Tom enjoyed my last graph so very much I thought I’d make it a semi-regular (i.e. when I remember) feature here. Luckily my recent exploits have ticked more things off the list so it is looking a bit healthier. I love graphs.

I’ve been researching some list things so keep an eye on my blog for more updates…

Feel free to leave me a comment to say hello/heckle, it’s always nice to hear from people (and it will stop my Mum feeling embarassed when she’s the only one!)

Jo x


2 Responses to “Week 7 – done done done”

  1. Hey I leave you comments too! Cant seem to see the graph for some reason, very disappointed!!

  2. 2 Liz (Mum)

    The graph works for me (although the first one didn’t initially). Thank goodness for Rebecca – I can comment without embarrassment!

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