Week 9 round up – double edition!


Ooops, I didn’t get round to writing last week’s update so this is a special double edition – twice the list fun for your money!

It’s been a fortnight of almosts; I almost managed to give blood but they didn’t have any spare appointments (honestly! That’s not just an excuse!), I almost wore a poppy for Remembrance Sunday but it fell off my coat last Saturday night and I almost wore another pair of shoes but the near-constant rain meant they weren’t a practical choice.

To make sure I manage to complete more things and don’t get stuck with almosts I’ve been working through my list to work out which things I can get on with and which ones are meant for later in the year.

I have managed to tick off a few things from the list, watch out for more updates coming this week (don’t forget you can subscribe so you don’t miss anything) and I’ve added an ‘about me‘ page to my blog so you can find out, er, about me.

It’s been a bit quiet around here over the last week or so as I’ve been super busy and feeling a bit under the weather so no graph this week (sorry graph fans). Instead, take a look at this cool pic I made at wordle.cnet that shows the most common words I’ve used here recently, dominated by my recent flurry of National Trust posts


Jo x


One Response to “Week 9 round up – double edition!”

  1. 1 Liz (Mum)

    I’m lovin’ the subliminal messages in this picture – especially “Jo – Trust Mum!”

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