Week 17 round up – christmas, cakes and some pseudo-catholic guilt


Bless me readers, for I have sinned. It has been far too long since my last update… I’ve been busy making (and eating!) cake, sitting around watching Christmas TV specials and watching it snow! I have made some list progress, though I haven’t won the lottery yet so that’s obviously a disappointment (at least it is still technically a bad habit!)

I had a lovely day trip to London to see a ballet which was amazing, followed a few days later by a not quite so lovely trip to London in some classic British drizzle to collect the purse I left in the pub we had lunch in oops. Life as a Lemar fan is lovely too though the weather has been particularly snowy since I became an official fan? Coincidence?!

I’ve sneaked a new page into my blog in case you want to help me (there is something ever so slightly pathetic about a page called ‘help me’ isn’t there!) There are some things I’m after suggestions for, some cheeky things I’m trying to blag and a few other random bits so why not have a look and get in touch?

Subject to me finding time in my hectic procrastination schedule to finish my MBA project, I’m planning to have a list blitz with my friend Adam next week so fingers crossed there’ll be lots to tell you. I’m in the process of arranging a fancy three course dinner with the members of Girl Club (three of my favourite ladies but shhhh, the first rule of Girl Club is that you don’t talk about Girl Club) so let me know if you’ve got any recipe suggestions. I may or may not have also started writing my book (so get in with some witty comments if you want to feature in it!)

Anyway, I’m off to sort my sock drawer by colour (these are the sort of tasks that become oddly appealing when you still have 2,000 words left to write!) I’ll leave you with my ironic picture taken during the UK’s coldest winter for decades…

Ironic snow pic

Jo x


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