Week 18 round up – a day of adventures


The Adams

Well after a bit of a drop in list thing productivity that done-ometer is going to bounce right back up because I did 13 list things IN ONE DAY! It was one of the oddest days I’ve had for a long time but completely awesome too. My friend Adam suggested we spend a day doing list things so along with another Adam we came up with a slightly random itinerary and spent the day crossing things off my list.

This was how our day of adventures went;

  • 148. Get an outfit in a colour you’ve never considered before
  • 165. If you don’t already have some, buy a pair of colourful trousers – charity shops are good – and enjoy wearing them. If you do have some, get a colourful something else.
  • 51. Learn how to fan shuffle cards if you can’t already
  • 42. Learn to play a card game
  • 50. Go somewhere you have always hated/never wanted to go
  • 154. Bet on something
  • 115. Go to an art gallery
  • 175. Visit a Brighton touristy place you’ve never been to
  • 205. Do something to hang on to your youth
  • 120. Make biscuits
  • 197. Do a jigsaw
  • 72. Destroy your McFly collection
  • 39. Eat a kebab

A hectic and at times surreal day but also loads of fun. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about how we went about each list thing as more updates will be appearing over the next few weeks.

Jo x


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