72 – Destroy your McFly collection


I am well known amongst my friends for my excellent taste in music, specialising particularly in late 90’s boybands. My friends pretend to tease me about owning albums by classic bands such as Busted and McFly when I know that really they are just jealous. Michael’s suggestion that I destroy my McFly collection is then, surely, a test of my dedication to the list rather than a dig at my taste in music. Surely.

Broken Busted CD

The damage...

My friend Adam is a big fan of McFly and Busted too (he’ll tell you he hates them but it’s just a front) so I was quite suprised that he suggested we attempt this particular list thing on our day of many list things. Maybe he is just a sadist.

Anyway, it turns out that I’d passed on my McFly CDs (see, I know people that will gladly take them off my hands, I’m not the only one!) so we turned to their musical predecessors, Busted. After getting over my ‘hate to just trash it when I could pass it on or give it to charity’ middle-class eco-guilt we turned to the task of destroying the CD which turned out to be harder than we thought. We’d expected shards of CD flying across the room as I gingerly stamped on it but in the end it took some serious bending and jumping on it to bend it in half then sheer brute strength to rip the disc in half. The case was much more flimsy and even I could rip the liner notes into pieces. You can see the fruits of our labour above.

Another list thing done. Woop woop

Jo x


4 Responses to “72 – Destroy your McFly collection”

  1. there’s people in the third world who would have killed for that busted cd!

  2. 2 Chris Kempshall

    I imagine there are just as many who would have killed to avoid it.

  3. 3 michael

    it doesn’t count until you provide proof that the album isn’t just sitting on your laptop

  4. 4 Erin

    I really want my husband to get rid of his books and books of CDs. He has ripped all of them so he has digital files which are backed up – so I don’t see the purpose of the CDs. His argument – they don’t take up much room. My argument – they are NEVER used and totally redundant, so who cares how much or little space they take up. His parents are total packrats/hoarders – we are fighting that tendency in him, or at least trying to.

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