99 – Take an alternate route to work


I’ve always travelled to work on the bus. I like it, it gives me time to stare out of the window, snoop into people’s houses through their windows and think about important things like ‘which would win in a fight – 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck’ (my money’s on the swarm of evil mini horses). Not being a morning person, being able to wander to a bus stop, get on a bus and get to work without having to be awake enough to drive a car or get through a train ticket barrier (they scare me enough when I’m properly awake!) is best for me (and probably the rest of the world too).

I could get the train (quicker but far too confusing at that time in the morning) or walk (yeah right, I’d fall asleep in someone’s front garden) but those both seem a little bit too sensible for the challenge. When I was invited to a meeting in London to talk about a ground-breaking technological feat (an iPhone taped to a climbing helmet) I thought this was the perfect alternate way to get to work – via a three hour round-trip to London.

So there you have it, I supplemented my normal 20 minute bus ride with 3 hours of trains/tube/walking. Fun as it was I think I’ll skip the detour in future. I’ll leave you with some pics from my adventure…

London Victoria

Ravenscourt Park tube station

AGM cam

Jo x


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