About me

Hello there, nice to see you, you look lovely today.

I’m Jo and when I’m not doing list things I like watching naff TV, eating cake and being lazy. I also like sparkly things, looking at pictures of cats on the internet and eating more cake. I make a mean lemon meringue pie but can’t throw or catch properly. I know all the words to Dolly Parton’s classic hit ‘9-5’ and point lots when I dance.

Feel free to leave me a comment somewhere, they make me feel popular.

If you’d like to get in touch (to say nice things preferably, not to let me know that you’re the child of a foreign dignitary who revealed on their deathbed that they have millions in a bank account and you need my help to get it) you can email me – 250while25@googlemail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter – @jowalters – to get updates on list things (and other presumably thrilling things about my life)

Have a nice day

Jo x


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