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Marcelle decided to give me a rather random assortment of list things starting, for some unknown reason, with watching the Adam Sandler classic/cheesefest ‘Big Daddy’. Ever a fan of list things I can do from my sofa I duly complied.


I feel I should confess loyal reader, my name is Jo and I am a hoarder. Over the years I’ve built up collections of soaps, novelty pens, pebbles from holidays and all sorts of random junk. Recently I’ve started getting rid of some of the more obviously pointless things (often by fobbing them off onto other people – special thanks must go to my Mum and friend Em who are too polite to tell me they don’t want the random bags of things I’ve offered them).

I’ve always travelled to work on the bus. I like it, it gives me time to stare out of the window, snoop into people’s houses through their windows and think about important things like ‘which would win in a fight – 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck’ (my money’s on the swarm of evil mini horses). When I was invited to a meeting in London to talk about a ground-breaking technological feat (an iPhone taped to a climbing helmet) I thought this was the perfect alternate way to get to work – via a three hour round-trip to London.

I am well known amongst my friends for my excellent taste in music, specialising particularly in late 90’s boybands. My friends pretend to tease me about owning albums by classic bands such as Busted and McFly when I know that really they are just jealous. Michael’s suggestion that I destroy my McFly collection is then, surely, a test of my dedication to the list rather than a dig at my taste in music. Surely.

Lifehacker is one of my favourite websites and one of the first productivity/geek type websites I subscribed to.Andy challenged me to get an article I’ve written published on Lifehacker and hurrah hurrah well done to me I’ve only gone and done it!

I used to work with Michael and one of his main duties (apart from crawling on my desk miaowing!) was being the office DJ and playing us music to keep us entertained all day. One of his classics was Lemar’s ‘If There’s Any Justice’ which was played roughly every third song (or so it felt like at times!). His suggestion that I join the Lemar fan club is obviously an example of his huge admiration for Lemar and his repertoire.

As I’m planning to scrap an existing bad habit I decided I should probably replace it with another (I wouldn’t want to annoy people by being even more perfect than I already am). I didn’t want to come up with anything too drastic so I’ve decided to play the lottery every week and have set up an automatic ticket for the rest of the year.