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This suggestion, lovingly made by Michael (more commonly known as The Ginge), is related to my work. Part of my job involves collating and advising on funding applications for student societies. Over the years we’ve had a few slightly random or overly-ambitious requests so I have to tactfully make suggestions, explain why we can’t fund […]

Smiling at people might seem like an odd suggestion to reject but actually this one was rejected as I always do it anyway. I smile at the people that come into my office (though sometimes this is becaue I’m not wearing my glasses and I’m trying to work out if I know them!), I smile at bus drivers (but not the grumpy ones – it’s like my own private punishment!), I smile at people in Sainsburys, I pretty much smile at anyone unless I think they’re about to mug me.

Do a sky dive


God bless you Rebecca, we’ve been great friends since you got shut in the kitchen at Guides because you wouldn’t stop talking. Nearly 15 years later and you still haven’t stopped talking but oh my goodness do you not know me at all?! Sky dive?! I can’t even watch people on tv jumping out of […]