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Speedy update


I promise to come back here and talk about silly list things and include more pictures of cats but in the meantime I’m blogging about more general stuff elswehere


I’m 26


Yep, my year of being 25 is over and nope I haven’t done everything on my list. I’ve done lots that I haven’t blogged about so will post those over the next few months. I’m going to keep going as I’d like to do everything on my list but for now I’ll leave you with […]

Well after a bit of a drop in list thing productivity that done-ometer is going to bounce right back up because I did 13 list things IN ONE DAY! It was one of the oddest days I’ve had for a long time but completely awesome too. My friend Adam suggested we spend a day doing list things so along with another Adam we came up with a slightly random itinerary and spent the day crossing things off my list.

I started learning the piano when I was about 7ish and had lessons for 10 years. I’ve performed in a load of little concerts and used to take part in an annual music festival where I often came second to the same guy who even beat me one year with a broken arm. A BROKEN ARM! As you can see I’ve come to terms with that (more or less!)

Bless me readers, for I have sinned. It has been far too long since my last update… I’ve been busy making (and eating!) cake, sitting around watching Christmas TV specials and watching it snow! I have made some list progress, though I haven’t won the lottery yet so that’s obviously a disappointment (at least it is still technically a bad habit!)

I’ve been watching the birds in my Mum’s garden over the holidays and spotted not one but TWO new visitors to her garden; a pheasant and a willow tit. As I mentioned in my previous post I can I identify a pheasant but the willow tit had my mum and I scouring her bird book to identify it. They look very similar to the marsh tit but we think it was a willow tit, either way it was quite cool as they are both fairly rare. They are both on the RSPB’s ‘red list’ which means they are priorities for conservation.

I’m not really a fan of new year’s resolutions, by about lunchtime on 1st Jan I’ve usually forgotten and/or broken them anyway, but New Year’s Day seemed like a good time to start one of my list things – to start a diary. This is another great suggestion from Abi as it is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but never really got round to organising properly.