Help me

Whilst I’ve managed to do some of my list things and have plans for others, there are a few things that I might need some help with (the number in brackets is that thing’s number on the list).

If you think you, your company or someone you know can help with any of these (or any other list things) please let me know. You can email me –, find me on Twitter – @jowalters, or just leave me a comment here.

This list will get longer as I get more organised and finish off the list of 250 things so keep checking back. You can also help me by spreading the word about my silly challenge and blog so feel free to tell people about this amazing/crazy (delete as applicable) project you found online

Jo x

Suggestions needed

  • Places to learn to make sushi (44), go to a dance class (45) in the Brighton/East Sussex area of the UK
  • An easy card game to learn (I’m hopeless at remembering anything complicated!) (42)
  • A good/easy/cheap way to learn a language (48/70)
  • A world record I could attempt (56)
  • How/where to learn to lip read (62)
  • A good author to try (78)
  • A good ‘touristy’ place to visit in Brighton (already done the pier & pavilion) (175)

Cheeky blags (in the Brighton/East Sussex/London area if they’re things I will need to travel to)

  • Cinema tickets (so I can see a film by myself and/or two films consecutively) (16/26)
  • Manicure (73)

Completely random things

  • Where can I find a parrot to talk to? (59)
  • How/where can I meet someone famous? Do I go all out stalker or something a bit less creepy? Anyone have any famous friends?! Anyone famous want to meet me? I’m nice, honest. I take back that stalker comment! (19)
  • Would anyone like to pay me for a consultancy service or speak at a conference? I know bits and pieces about productivity, social media (who on Twitter doesn’t think they do these days?), uncluttering, organising and making lists and being a general internet sensation (self-proclaimed). I also know about working with students, engaging volunteers and generally being a bit of a geek. I’m house-trained, don’t have a long and complex list of demands for refreshments and promise not to try to tell jokes (79/89)
  • How shall I get on the radio/be in the newspaper? I’d rather it wasn’t in a ‘local self-proclaimed internet sensation in crime spree shocker’ sort of way (183)

One Response to “Help me”

  1. 1 Chris Kempshall

    For the easy card game, Blackjack (aka 21) is probably the quickest and easiest to learn.

    Learning a language is tricky (I’m still sort of struggling). However do you have a favourite book/author? If so try buying a copy of their book in the language you want to learn and reading the 2 together. You won’t need to learn the plot etc as you’ll already know it. You’ll just be able to pick up the vocabulary in comparison to the original.

    Brighton touristy places, have you been to the Fishing Museum down on the beach? It’s a little bit west of the Pier I think. It’s a bit odd there. I have also heard pleasing things about the Toy and Game Museum in Trafalgar Street. I’ve not actually been yet one of my friends has and I’ve seen the pictures. It looks good.

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