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Not that it makes any difference to you but I’m typing this on my new laptop ooooooo. It is purple ooooooooooo. Much as I will miss the 20 minutes or so of faffing about while my old laptop turned on and got up and running I’m excited about my new toy. It is quite dinky […]

As I’ve said before, I read a lot of blogs so when I started my own I thought it might be cool to feature on someone else’s, I guess it’s the blogging equivalent of singing on someone else’s album (maybe I should put that on my list too?!)

After worrying that people might say no if I asked to guest post on their blog I finally decided to stop faffing about and just ask someone (god bless the list and this blog for stopping me chickening out of things I want to do!) and ta-da you can now read my guest post on Organize IT.

Another busy week (and when I say busy I mostly mean ‘watching The Hills’ but I’m getting better at doing list things though I’m not so good at always finishing or blogging about them.