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I’ve been watching the birds in my Mum’s garden over the holidays and spotted not one but TWO new visitors to her garden; a pheasant and a willow tit. As I mentioned in my previous post I can I identify a pheasant but the willow tit had my mum and I scouring her bird book to identify it. They look very similar to the marsh tit but we think it was a willow tit, either way it was quite cool as they are both fairly rare. They are both on the RSPB’s ‘red list’ which means they are priorities for conservation.


Her suggestion to learn to recognise five native birds or trees (149) was a perfect suggestion as it’s something I’d love to do but that wouldn’t have occured to me (god bless the list!). Here in central Brighton the bird-watching opportunities are limited to seagulls or pigeons or seagulls of pigeons so I might have to get out and about to test my skills.