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It’s been another exciting week at List Towers this week (List Towers being a fancy way of saying ‘my sofa’) with my list idea travelling halfway across the world to New Zealand. Paul Gardner has decided to start his own version of my silly challenge, creating a ‘bucket list’ of things he’d like to do (though has quite sensibly not put a deadline on it). In his introductory post he cites my blog as part of his inspiration which is very cool. I’m wondering if this sort of thing could be my ‘teach someone something’ thing so might put together a guide to making your own list. What do you reckon?


I didn’t quite manage to rustle up a full Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings on Thursday so had to settle for a turkey bagel instead. I’ve made a start on some of the more long-running list things like starting to read Sense and Sensibility (only 9 more books to read after that) and picking the films I’m going to watch (no rom-coms unfortunately).

Ooops, I didn’t get round to writing last week’s update so this is a special double edition – twice the list fun for your money!

It’s been a fortnight of almosts; I almost managed to give blood but they didn’t have any spare appointments (honestly! That’s not just an excuse!), I almost wore a poppy for Remembrance Sunday but it fell off my coat last Saturday night and I almost wore another pair of shoes but the near-constant rain meant they weren’t a practical choice.

With Halloween at the weekend I thought I’d finally give carving a pumpkin a go. I debated doing something super fancy – check out the examples at – but decided that a) I’d probably accidentally stab myself doing the fiddly bits, b) get angry halfway through and/or c) make something amazing then slip and slice it open accidentally right at the end!

Another busy week (and when I say busy I mostly mean ‘watching The Hills’ but I’m getting better at doing list things though I’m not so good at always finishing or blogging about them.

Today is Diwali, ‘the festival of lights’ and following Caroline’s suggestion I’m marking it by lighting some candles. I didn’t realise that Diwali is actually significant in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism plus it’s an official holiday in India. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil and “the awareness of the inner light”

Another cracking suggestion from one of my aunts (I have a troupe of them), ‘get a list of major festivals/special dates/national holidays and do something relevant for each of them’. Caroline sent me a list of suggestions to get me started and (being the uber-geek I am) I’ve put them together in a Google calendar you can browse online. Let me know if you have any more dates/occasions to add or suggestions about what I can do to mark any of them.