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Ooops, I didn’t get round to writing last week’s update so this is a special double edition – twice the list fun for your money!

It’s been a fortnight of almosts; I almost managed to give blood but they didn’t have any spare appointments (honestly! That’s not just an excuse!), I almost wore a poppy for Remembrance Sunday but it fell off my coat last Saturday night and I almost wore another pair of shoes but the near-constant rain meant they weren’t a practical choice.


In all my autumnal walk and joining the National Trust excitement I almost forgot to blog about visiting a National Trust property which started them both off in the first place! I like looking at pretty things, big houses and some nice gardens once in a while so I’d been meaning to get out and about and snoop around some National Trust places, hence this early addition to the list.

Well hello there list fans how are you today? It’s been a busy week in my little world and I managed to add three more things to the ‘done’ list (about ruddy time too!)

My flurry of National Trust (here and here) things got some attention from their lovely twitter peeps who spread the word about a couple of my posts which in turn led to other people noticing and saying lovely things about my blog and silly challenge. For two days I felt like a celebrity (I kept telling people I’d ‘gone viral’ – I think they just thought I had swine flu or something!) and I had lots of visits to my blog so I was dead chuffed. If you are one of those people thank you for coming over for a snoop around.

I got in from my autumnal walk to find an email from my friend Abi suggesting some new things to add to my list. There are some good ones in there but one that caught my eye was ‘join the National Trust’ as I’d actually joined a few hours earlier. Freaky! I love accidental list things!