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Well hello there list fans how are you today? It’s been a busy week in my little world and I managed to add three more things to the ‘done’ list (about ruddy time too!)

My flurry of National Trust (here and here) things got some attention from their lovely twitter peeps who spread the word about a couple of my posts which in turn led to other people noticing and saying lovely things about my blog and silly challenge. For two days I felt like a celebrity (I kept telling people I’d ‘gone viral’ – I think they just thought I had swine flu or something!) and I had lots of visits to my blog so I was dead chuffed. If you are one of those people thank you for coming over for a snoop around.


Well it’s been a busy week with not much list action until today when I managed to get two things done and make some progress on another! I was getting a bit worried that for all my list talk (and I do find myself talking about it a lot!) I wasn’t actually getting much done. I decided to try and start crossing things off the list today so went for a few relatively quick and easy items and managed to do them hurrah!

I’ve lived in my lovely little flat for five years and everything has been rosey with one small exception – the heater in the bathroom. For at least two of those five years the heater in the bathroom hasn’t worked but have I got round to fixing it yet? Nope – for I am lazy and guilty of leaving things floundering on my to-do list.