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Bless me readers, for I have sinned. It has been far too long since my last update… I’ve been busy making (and eating!) cake, sitting around watching Christmas TV specials and watching it snow! I have made some list progress, though I haven’t won the lottery yet so that’s obviously a disappointment (at least it is still technically a bad habit!)


On a really quite chilly day earlier this week, my friend Carolyn and I headed up to London (with a small detour via Oxford Street’s giant TopShop!) to see Matthew Bourne’s production of Swan Lake at Sadler’s Wells. After a lovely lunch at a super cute pub around the corner we headed inside for a […]

This week has been super duper hectic at work, I started my course and have had a million and one other things going on so haven’t managed to make much progress on the list. I have however been wittering on about it to lots of people and I’ve started recruiting volunteers to do list-y things with me.