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Bless me readers, for I have sinned. It has been far too long since my last update… I’ve been busy making (and eating!) cake, sitting around watching Christmas TV specials and watching it snow! I have made some list progress, though I haven’t won the lottery yet so that’s obviously a disappointment (at least it is still technically a bad habit!)


I love making things; I like to pretend I’m on Blue Peter or that I’m Nigella (in the past I may or may have not have done my own running commentary when cooking…) but I’m not very good at actually getting round to it so this was a great list thing from Rachel. After spending two days baking I can confirm that I’ve made almost every present and sort of spent nothing.

It’s been another exciting week at List Towers this week (List Towers being a fancy way of saying ‘my sofa’) with my list idea travelling halfway across the world to New Zealand. Paul Gardner has decided to start his own version of my silly challenge, creating a ‘bucket list’ of things he’d like to do (though has quite sensibly not put a deadline on it). In his introductory post he cites my blog as part of his inspiration which is very cool. I’m wondering if this sort of thing could be my ‘teach someone something’ thing so might put together a guide to making your own list. What do you reckon?