The Challenge

I turned 25 on 12th September 2009 and decided I should have some sort of adventure before my next birthday.

I’m not really an adventures person so I needed some inspiration. I spotted someone tweeting about doing 400 things before you’re 40 (I’m trying to track down that tweet…, see 129) and, being a super huge fan of lists, thought a similar project (I also love a good project) might keep me busy for a year. I’d also read Mike Gayle‘s very funny book, The To-do List, in which he writes, then works through a list of things he wants to do. I’m almost certainly not that witty but we’ll see.

The day after my birthday I emailed friends and family members expecting most of them to ignore me and write it off as one of my random bright ideas I then get bored of. Instead I got loads of things for the list and a load more people to nag me about it.

I’ll be keeping this blog (105) to keep track of my progress and to share pictures and mementos (121) of my adventures so stay tuned

Jo x


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