The List

The list is still growing so check back for updates or leave me some suggestions at the bottom of the page. Click on a number for posts about that item and check out the ‘maybe‘ and ‘rejected‘ ideas…

1. Knit something which is more than a tiny rectangle / Learn to knit and knit something more exciting than a scarf (Abi)
2. Change the fuse in the bathroom which went several years ago
3. Grow vegetables (and eat them!)
4. Reduce the amount of meat I eat
5. Try another volunteering opportunity / Do volunteer work (Abi)
6. Make the final cushion cover so I don’t have a random white cushion in amongst the others!
7. Visit a National Trust property
8. Fly a kite
9. Keep a houseplant alive for the whole year
10. Sleep in a tent

Rebecca’s suggestions
11. Learn the rules of cricket and go to a cricket match
12. Spend a weekend in Paris
13. Visit the Lake District
14. Dye your hair
15. Learn to cook something new
16. See two films consecutively
17. Make a new friend
18. Build a tower with playing cards
19. Meet someone famous
20. Go to to a self-defence class
21. Learn sign langauge
22. Go to the ballet
23. Plant a tree
24. Give blood
25. Go on a blind date

26. Go to the cinema by myself
27. Do karaoke

Rachel’s suggestions
28. Join a new choir
29. Have either a Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter marathon
30. Go to the Blackpool illuminations
31. Go to a football match, understand all the rules, chant, eat pies & drink lager
32. Learn how to ice skate without holding onto the sides
33. Apply for the final Big Brother / Apply for either Big Brother or X Factor either seriously or in jest (Roger)
34. Start writing a book pre-emptively
35. Knit a jumper with purl stich and everything
36. Spend nothing at Christmas by making every single present

37. Draw something
38. Go stargazing (with at least a vague idea of which stars are which!)
39. Eat a kebab
40. Swim in the sea
41. Raise £250 for charity
42. Learn to play a card game
43. Make a photo montage of my friends & the things I’ve done
44. Make sushi

My Mum’s suggestions
45. Take a dance class
46. Spend time with your Grandparents

Josh’s suggestions
47. Come up with 250 things!
48. Learn a language (possibly french if you go to paris)
49. Choose an activity you do to get fit – running/swimming what ever and set a target – like run a mile in 5 mins, capiche?
50. Go somewhere you have always hated/never wanted to go
51. Learn how to fan shuffle cards if you can’t already
52. Learn a good card/magic trick
53. Learn how to play poker (if you dont know) and win a competition (or just enter one if you are feeling a little lame)
54. Spatchcock a chicken
55. Buy a whole fish, scale it and cook it (YUMMY!)
56. Break a world record
57. Yell “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” in a crowded area
58. Learn to say the alphabet backwards really fast
59. Talk to a parrot
60. Have your portrait painted
61. Learn to write with your other hand
62. Learn to lip read
63. Be a mentor
64. Shower in a waterfall
65. Plant a tree

Michael’s suggestions
66. Go on a date with Michael Alexander (that isn’t a date!)
67. Join the Lemar fan club
68. Spend a Saturday volunteering with the National Trust on the South Downs
69. Tell Mike he’s a good egg
70. Learn basic Italian
71. Cook your own Sunday roast from scratch
72. Destroy your McFly collection

73. Have a manicure

Steve’s suggestions
74. Listen to (and learn to love) Loudon Wainwright III
75. Watch Friday Night Lights season 2
76. Get a short story/article published
77. Learn a new instrument
78. Read every novel by an author you’ve never heard of
79. Get paid for providing a consultancy service
80. Eat a Haggis
81. Cook a three course meal made of a starter, main course and dessert you’ve never done
82. Play tennis
83. Drink more water
84. Eat less fast food
85. Go for a run in the rain (without worrying about your hair)
86. Expand your repertoire of animal impressions
87. Buy a house
88. Grow a plant
89. Speak at a conference
90. Climb a tree and don’t fall out

David’s suggestions
91. Fast for a day (do this once a week and you live longer, though you live hungrier)
92. Learn to do 25 keep-em-ups
93. Learn a constant to at least 25 decimal places
94. Learn the dates of 5 major historical events which are important to you (pre1900)
95. Watch an entire F1 grand prix (on tv. only 4 left this season)
96. Write to your MP or a minister
97. Throw out a bin bags worth of your stuff you don’t need
98. Tell one of your friends that their hand is bigger than their face. when they check, push their hand into their face and laugh at them
99. Take an alternate route to work
100. Find out the national minimum wage, how it is applied to different methods of payment, when it is applicable, and when it is not

Caroline’s suggestion
101. Listen to Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

102. Learn to play the rest of Debussy’s First Arabesque
103. Learn something to play from memory
104. Throw a party
105. Keep people updated on progress on the 250
106. Break a bad habit
107. Start a good habit
108. Find a new bad habit (see 106)
109. Have a guest post published on a blog
110. Teach someone something

Andy’s suggestions
111. Register your own business
112. Go rally driving
113. Get an article you’ve written published on lifehacker
114. Go for a walk along the beach on a windy day
115. Go to an art gallery
116. Read a newspaper once a week
117. Learn one thing about each member of your family you didn’t already know
118. Have a trolley race in Ikea
119. Go to New York / Visit New York or otherwise anywhere in the USA (Roger)
120. Make biscuits
121. Keep a memento from each of your 250 things (picture/ticket etc)
122. Send someone you care about a gift for no particular reason
123. Have cream tea in Cornwall
124. Go surfing
125. Never blame anything on the credit crunch/global economic downturn/bankers
126. Go to beachy head and devils dyke (give the pubs there a miss though)

127. Do poi (I hate poi, and is it ‘do poi’? Is poi a verb? Could I have just said 127. Poi?)
128. Understand quantitive easing
129. Find the 400 before you’re 40 tweet
130. Always send thank you notes

Roger’s ideas
131. Go to Notting Hill carnival
132. Attend ice skating at Somerset House
133. Write a poem entitled, ‘Ned’
134. Get a student drunk!
135. Do something completely out of character!
136. Do a marathon sitting of Sex & the City
137. Organise a trip to Chessington or Thorpe Park or Alton Towers
138. Enrol onto a course
139. Tell someone you love them
140. Take saxophone lessons
141. Go on a road trip
142. Tell someone you fancy them!
143. Appear on tv

Chris’ suggestions
144. Do a Sunrise – Sunset – Sunrise day
145. Pick a direction one day and just keep walking to see how far you go
146. Organise a small music festival

Caroline’s other suggestion
147. Go to a sing-along film

Alison’s suggestions
148. Get an outfit in a colour you’ve never considered before
149. Learn to recognise 5 native birds or trees you don’t already know
150. Attend a trial at the Old Bailey
151. Learn a poem by heart
152. Invent a new cocktail drink

153. Do a 5km run
154. Bet on something
155. Donate to another charity
156. Eat from a KFC bucket

Kelvin’s suggestions
157. Wear all my shoes at some point
158. Do a spinning class

More of Chris’s suggestions
159. Over the course of 1 week, receive 25 high-5s each one from a different person. For added difficulty make it 25 strangers.
160. Write a limerick and use it in conversation.
161. Learn a Shakesepare monologue off by heart.

John’s suggestions
162. Take out £20, and find 20 different homeless people to share it with

163. Find out something new about several major religions

More of Caroline’s suggestions
164. For one whole week, say ‘Yes’ to things you would normally say ‘No’ to (within health and safety limits!)
165. If you don’t already have some, buy a pair of colourful trousers – charity shops are good – and enjoy wearing them. If you do have some, get a colourful something else.
166. Visit an artist’s Open House during the Brighton Festival
167. Go to something during Brighton Festival you wouldn’t normally do
168. Get a list of major festivals/special dates/national holidays and do something relevant for each of them, e.g. eat Chinese food at Chinese New Year

169. See a film in 3D
170. ‘GTD’ my personal stuff
171. Make my room pretty
172. Meet up with Rebecca, Rachel & Kirsty
173. Watch at least 10 films I haven’t seen from IMDb’s top 250
174. Read at least 10 books I haven’t read from The Telegraph’s top 100

Another suggestion from my Mum
175. Visit a Brighton touristy place you’ve never been to

176. Go for a bike ride

Marcelle’s suggestions
177. Watch ‘Big Daddy’
178. Go to a J-soc Friday night dinner
179. Turn up at an airport, buy the cheapest ticket, go there and have an exciting adventure
180. Turn up to a lecture in fancy dress (themed with the rugby girls) then go out to Oceana
181. Win a pie (or anything else) eating competition
182. Overcome a fear
183. Get on the radio/be in the newspaper
184. Make a new video for Youtube and get a minimum of 1000 hits

Molly’s suggestion
185. Paint an office portrait

186. Get a nice photo of me and my Mum
187. Go for an autumnal walk

Abi’s suggestions
188. Put all your photos in albums
189. Learn how to massage
190. Make a cake and eat the whole thing yourself
191. Read the odyssey and ulysees
192. Go on a protest
193. Do yoga
194. Go to the theatre
195. Keep a diary
196. Join the National Trust
197. Do a jigsaw
198. Go to a city in England you have never been to before
199. Eat a meal with your hands (sandwiches don’t count)
200. Write someone a letter
201. Go to a bead shop and make some jewellry
202. Make more homemade presents and cards
203. Make jam
204. Watch more David Attenborough
205. Do something to hang on to your youth – not sure what though – an indoor play area? finger painting? fancy dress?

206. Make a list of things I’m thankful for

Rejected ideas
Do a sky dive (Rebecca) – find out why it was rejected
Eat a piece of toast and marmite without gagging (Trev)
Run a marathon (or a half marathon) (Josh)
Walk to work 1 day (Josh)
Tell a student what you really think about their Societies Fund application (Michael) – find out why it was rejected
Take revenge on the minibus for years of frustration and agony by destroying it with a small but sharp battle axe (Michael)
Do a bungee jump (Roger)
Run either the Brighton half marathon or the London marathon (Roger)
Walk around a city in fancy dress and act like nothing is unusual (also refuse to answer questions about the fancy dress) (Chris)
Play every single Michael Jackson song back to back, whilst holding a candle vigil (John)
Go into a pub, declare that drinks are on the house, and then leave (John)
Go to a mass / service of all the major religions in Brighton (John) – see 163 though
Try and get En Vogue “the Pop group” back together (in the style of Justin Lee Collins (John)
Label absolutely everything in your flat with post it notes, and leave it that way for a week (John)
Write a musical based on the life of Boris Johnson, then send the score to him (John)
Send a text message to everyone in your phonebook saying, “Jesus and I love you.” (John)
Talk like a rude boy for an entire day (John)
Go to the zoo, and ask in Borat style “What dog is this?” about every single animal (John)
Aim to smile at a random stranger every day (Caroline) – find out why it was rejected
Go to a forest/dorest rave (Marcelle)
Attend a ‘welcome to the team’ event (Marcelle)
Send Cheryl Cole fan mail until she replies (signed photo is preferable) (Marcelle)
Smoke shisha pipe (Abi)

Maybe ideas
Go in a hot air balloon (Rebecca)
Go skiing with Rachel next March (Rachel)
Get my ears pierced (Rachel)
Go busking (Rachel)
Choose your worst subject at school and redo your GSCE in it (Josh)
Climb the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales – if you haven’t already (Josh)
Learn to dance and enter a competition (Josh)
Ride a Camel/Elephant (Josh)
Play an open mic night (Steve)
Visit someone in prison! (Roger)
Do the London to Brighton bike ride (Roger)
Have a drastic, extreme haircut (my Dad)
Go to a rugby training session (Marcelle)
Attend a life drawing class as a model or artist (Sarah)


10 Responses to “The List”

  1. 1 Chris Kempshall

    Oooh an intriguing challenge.

    Do a Sunrise – Sunset – Sunrise day.
    Pick a direction one day and just keep walking to see how far you go
    Walk around a city in fancy dress and act like nothing is unusual (also refuse to answer questions about the fancy dress).
    Organise a small music festival.

  2. 2 Caroline

    16 and 29 – I did the Star Wars in a day thing on my own in Clapham – way back when there were only 3 Star Wars films to get through…. It was fab!
    Another suggestion – go to a sing along screening – there have to be those in Brighton surely. The Sound of Music would be my choice but Mama Mia is more likely and would do just fine!

  3. 3 Liz (Mum)

    There are loads I’d like to do with you – and not only the singing and dancing ones! Let me know when you want company – or someone to hold the camera. x

  4. 4 Embarrassed father

    A few suggestions:
    Make some mistakes without beating yourself up. As much as you always strive for perfection you may fall short – it doesn’t matter, you tried (and you are very loved).
    Make the most of being 25. You are old enough to make informed decisions but young enough to blame mistakes on your age (see above). Before you know it you will not have the young excuse available (except I am nearly old enough to reach the “It’s my age” excuse at the higher end of the scale).
    Try listening to your father. This will no doubt be added to the ‘will not do section’ – this will be a mistake but you will have the young excuse available (see above).
    Be spontaneous! Mistakes can be excused (as above). Of course adding spontanaity to a ‘to do list’ rather detracts from the effect.
    Go out and do things without listing then first and spending time on IT stuff (I may not pick up any response as I rarely have time to do this IT stuff – possibly a mistake on my part but its my age.)

  5. 5 Chris Kempshall

    I seem to be spending a strange amount of time thinking up different things for your list.

    Extra suggestions:

    Over the course of 1 week, receive 25 high-5s each one from a different person. For added difficulty make it 25 strangers.

    Write a limerick and use it in conversation.

    Learn a Shakesepare monologue off by heart.

  6. 6 Chris Kempshall

    Oh another one: Meet someone with the same name as you.

  7. 7 Massiveblur

    You have plenty of suggestions already up there and if I was going to ‘borrow’ your idea, because it is a good idea to get out and do more, I think it would involve some travelling.

    Visit 25 new places (city, town, buildings)?
    Or maybe visit 3 new cities in 3 different countries.

    Buy (or listen to) a piece of music from every single genre you can find.

    Along the lines of learning a language, learn to say hello & goodbye in 25 languages.

    Random: Go to PC world/dixons, take a picture of yourself on every computer with a webcam and set it as the desktop wallpaper.

    Take more pictures and display 25 of your best, framed, in your house.

    All I can think of at the minute. Good luck and I hope you do them!

  8. Does #172 really count?!! And as for 177 Big Daddy is a great film!!!

    • 9 jowalters

      172 definitely counts, we haven’t managed it for years! It’ll be a special occasion

  1. 1 Go Public! Share Your Goals With The World - Work smart, play smart

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