The Rules

Originally I didn’t have any proper rules for the list until I had a few suggestions that I wanted to put on my maybe or rejected lists so I thought I’d put my unofficial rules here in case anyone wants to challenge my decisions;

  • My challenge, my rules
  • My word is final. I’m the John Anderson of the challenge so there
  • I don’t have to do all 250 but I need a damn good reason not to do something
  • Bonus points for doing things on the maybe list
  • You can’t shout at me for rejecting something but I promise to explain why
  • I can interpret list items however I like but feel free to heckle if you think I’ve cheated!
  • Guiding principles from my Dad
    Make some mistakes without beating yourself up. As much as you always strive for perfection you may fall short – it doesn’t matter, you tried (and you are very loved).

    Make the most of being 25. You are old enough to make informed decisions but young enough to blame mistakes on your age (see above). Before you know it you will not have the young excuse available (except I am nearly old enough to reach the “It’s my age” excuse at the higher end of the scale).

    Try listening to your father. This will no doubt be added to the ‘will not do section’ – this will be a mistake but you will have the young excuse available (see above).

    Be spontaneous! Mistakes can be excused (as above). Of course adding spontanaity to a ‘to do list’ rather detracts from the effect.

    Go out and do things without listing then first and spending time on IT stuff (I may not pick up any response as I rarely have time to do this IT stuff – possibly a mistake on my part but its my age.)


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